The Disruption that is SolidARTThe Disruption that is SolidARTThe Disruption that is SolidART

Ashley Lewis, PR Director

What is SolidART and why was it created?

SolidART is the world's first interactive media outlet.     

This powerful app was created to change not only how the music industry operates, but to provide the FREEDOM for artists to candidly express themselves without signing threatening contracts or sacrificing the integrity of their content. While SolidART offers "record label power", regardless if you're pursuing a career in the music industry, this app can be utilized by both creators and music lovers of all genres.

What's In It For the Artists?

From booking recording sessions at the best studios worldwide to performing in front of adoring fans around the world, learn how to CONTROL, MANAGE and ELEVATE your music career through our powerful app.

Members will have access to our advanced network which was developed to ensure that all SolidART artists have every key player needed to produce just that -- SOLID. ART.

  • Multi-talented Producers
  • Photographers and Videographers
  • Artist Development
  • Prestigious Studios (recording, visual, rehearsal, etc.)
  • Digital and Physical Distribution
  • Managerial Consultations
  • Development Team Members (choreographers, wardrobe & hair stylists, makeup artists, vocalists, etc.)
  • And much more!

Become an Elite.

Being an Elite with SolidART grants access to endless opportunities and exposure that positions creators to gain a world-wide fan base. All monthly memberships include exclusive SolidART access -- Recording Studio Access, Media Outlet Access (Live Stream & Online Radio), Music Distribution,  Geo-Location Networking  with access to our Music Industry Advisory Board

  • At-Home Studios: *NO STUDIO ACCESS  $9.99        
  • Bronze: $49.99

                - 5 Credits

                - 10 Gb of Cloud Storage

  • Silver: $99.99

                - 12 Credits

                - 50 Gb of Cloud Storage

  • Gold: $199.99

                - Group Access (Share Account with up to 3 Members)

                - 25 Credits

                - 100 Gb of Cloud Storage

                - Access to SolidART's Advanced Network

  • Platinum (V.I.P) $299.99

                - Unlimited Group Access

                - Unlimited Credits

                - Unlimited Cloud Storage

                - DIRECT Access to SolidART's Advanced Network

Delegated by the Fans

Without supporters, artists wouldn't have anything to work for. SolidART provides listeners with a unique experience by giving them exclusive, direct and on-demand access to new music and their favorite artists. Hundreds of creators and their content are featured as well as SolidART Virtual Reality. From live performances and podcasts to backstage access, SolidART VR emits Hi-Fi sound accompanied with a live 360 experience, placing fans right in the middle of the action!


SolidART is the complete ecosystem and disruption within the music industry that supports genuine relationships between musicians and artists with their listeners and most importantly their fans.
             -Marquis Harmon, Chief Development Officer, SolidART

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