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noun. People or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture, and society. It may be characterized by nontraditional, aesthetic innovation and initial unacceptability.

The avant-garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo.

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This North Dallas rapper’s success began to catch up to him after dropping his Shottaz

Reloaded album towards the end of 2015. Mo3 raps and sings in his music which gives him a leg up on competition. What also sets him apart from other rappers is that he doesn’t rap about the things typical rappers talk about, such trappin' or pushin' foreigns. This not only makes him unique, but it also makes him more relatable. He's not one to forget where he comes from and his everyday struggles growing up and life before the fame are huge influences on the music he creates.

If you're one of the few that haven't already heard of him, check out "Hold Ya Tongue" (which now has well over 3 million views), click the pic above to visit his IG, and check out "Im Sorry" here!

                                                          CURE FOR PARANOIA

This group of four is one of the best bands to emerge from Dallas, TX!  Cameron McCloud, Stanley Francisko, JayAnalog and Tomahawk Jonez have collaboratively perfected the fusion of genres R&B, funk, rock, hip-hop. They've performed in front of thousands and opened for artists such as Ludacris and Dallas' very own Queen of Soul, Erykah Badu. You can oftentimes catch them performing live in Deep Ellum or at awesome venues all around Texas.

Before you experience one of their lives show, press play to get a snippet of what you're in for! And while you're at it, learn the lyrics to "Rental Records" (a track they finished recording in a rental during a road trip to Austin, TX....yeah, seriously) and enjoy the trailer to their newest video "Wired" here.

                                                         TRAPBOY FREDDY

25-year-old Oak Cliff rapper, Trapboy Freddy, went from working the streets to killing beats and he does it well. His music reflects the street life and can be described as Dallas rap at it's finest. The Cool Money Ent leader has turned his real life experiences into six mix tapes, countless collaborations, millions of views/plays and dope visuals. He recently dropped a 15-song, 48-minute project titled  Overtime and it's definitely one of his best.

Until you cop his latest mixtape (or all of them), be sure to check out the one that started it all, 2nd Quarter, below!

                                                                GLANCY KELLY

Using music as an escape at a young age, Glancy Kelly began writing lyrics, creating songs, experimenting with different genres and learning to play the drums as well as multiple other instruments. He developed a passion for the art of music making and

eventually found himself on hit show American Idol. Following a short stint on the show and receiving recognition from some of the industry's heavy-hitters, Kelly made the boss move to not allow anyone but himself dictate the future of his career.

Shortly after, he released his project Now or Never which displays his ability to dabble in a variety of genres ranging from R&B and pop to soul and hip-hop. The album is available for purchase on iTunes and some songs can be played via his Soundcloud and on our blog!

Outside of creating his own music, he adds his own spin to other music as well. Check his "Come and See Me" cover below:


Pronounced "lilpatafoo", PatvFoo reps the 409 (Orange, TX), has been featured on numerous mix tapes, freestyles and brought his own flair to the music industry all at the age of 23. He also goes by the moniker Lil Pat and between his versatility and high-pitched rap style, he's sure to grab listeners' attention. He's generated some buzz with tracks like "Splendid" (below) which now has over 20,000 views and "Ain't My B*tch".

He recently released a freestyle (below) as well as his latest single "Let Me Be Great" which can be purchased on iTunes and viewed here -- sit back, relax, and follow the double cup!

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