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noun. People or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture, and society. It may be characterized by nontraditional, aesthetic innovation and initial unacceptability.

The avant-garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo.

idioms: SolidART's Featured Artists

                                                                   CUBAN DA SAVAGE

People began taking notice back in 2012 when Cuban gained lots of followers

and became known as a "social media star". This artist and model from the north side of D-Town showed what she was really made of

when she set her music career in motion and quickly made her mark as one of the hottest female rappers out there. Cuban Da Savage, who also goes by Cuban Doll, consistently drops heat and gets the attention of millions while doing so!

Between two videos, "Let It Blow" and "Gang", that were both dropped only months ago, Cuban's accumulated nearly 5 million views and her newest video "Rat B*tch" is well on it's way.

She's on fire and continuously growing her brand - peep her dope merch, click the pic below to bump her debut mix tape Cuban Link,  check out her SoundCloud and stay  ready for upcoming project Aaliyah Keef!

                                                           JAYSON LYRIC

Jayson Lyric is an American rapper, music producer, songwriter and entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas. Consistently ranked as one of the top rap artist coming out of the city of Dallas, Jayson continues to push the envelope musically and help rebuild a city that has not always been respected for its role in Hip-Hop.

When he's not in the studio, you can find him on stage giving a dope performance. Keep up with Lyric here, check out his collab with Uno Loso and scroll down to listen to more of his music below:

                                                                 CURTIS MAYZ

Born and raised in Dallas' notorious neighborhood, affectionately known as Oak Cliff, TX, Curtis Mayz is without a doubt one of the most introspective artists to ever reside in and rise from the South. The Southern rhyme-spitter prides himself on being a student first and an artist second. He manages to artistically tap into a wide spectrum of musical styles and through his music, Mayz brings a refreshing level of honesty and relatable subject matter that fans can gravitate to regardless of race, age or background.

He's shared the stage with some of the brightest stars including YG, Snow Tha Product and Big Krit and since the release of Black Excellence in 2015, Real.Life.Raps in 2016, and the build up to his highly anticipated EP Triple Diziac this year, Curtis' name has began to ring bells in not only the Southern region but nationally.

Watch him put the finishing touches on his debut project that started it all and vibe to "Joose", the follow-up single to his well received joint "5:38 AM" !


Born Cedric Hill but known as ESG (abbreviation for Everyday Street Gangsta), this Houston, TX artist is nothing short of a pioneer in the rap game. He made his debut with album Ocean of Funk back in '94 and has consistently released some of the industry's

most influential albums since then.

ESG is apart of the Hip-Hop collective, Screwed Up Click, and had a huge hand in making "chopped and screwed" music what it is today.

With 23 years in the game and over ten albums under his belt, ESG shows no signs of slowing down with recent releases of singles like "Southside Still Holding" and "One Deep With My Cup".

Click the pic to follow him on IG, know where to catch him by looking here and press the play button below to see how a real Southside legend does it:

                                                                          SINEW ACE

Music artist, Director of Cinematography and creator of InFilmtrait, Sinew Ace plays many roles and executes every one of them.

Growing up in Port Arthur, TX, Ace was inspired by some of the South's biggest music legends and began to use that inspiration to write poetry at a young age.

With his solo career in mind, Sinew plans to deliver aggressive and knowledgeable content through music and visionary entertainment that will leave the world enamored with a new style that has yet to be discovered.

Check out his intro to joint "Worn Out Faces" then be sure to play two of his biggest singles "Artificial Love" and "El Jefe"!

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