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Artists to Watch - (Check SolidART CREATORS and SolidART LIVE via the app)

Ashley lewis & emeka onyeka

There's so much good music out there and new artists that're constantly popping up on the scene, it can be hard to keep up. SolidART believes in supporting artists even before "everyone else" does, so we've made a list of creators on the rise to make that easier for you. You can thank us later, for now, check out these Artists to Watch:

                                                                              PAT RON

Pat Ron’s music is a reflection of him and there's no way to cramp him into a box.

He's one of the most conscious rappers out there and keeps the "stoner raps" coming while delivering some of the best live performances. His latest release “Psilocybin

displays not only his creativity but the diversity he brings to the industry. 

Join the nearly 5,000 followers he has by clicking either pic, peep one of his many videos here, or catch a flight while at one of his live shows and listening to his collab with partner Sleazy Ea$e "Ed Edd & Eddy" below:

                                                              REPEL THE ROBOT

They may describe themselves as "two guys that make music, cuz thats what [they] do" but they're so much more. This alternative-electro, Albuquerque-bred duo began taking over Dallas in 2013 and went on to perform all over Texas at multiple festivals and

venues in front of thousands. Jarrett (the guy with looks) and Sean (the guy with locks) released their EP [AKA] last year, which is available for purchase on Google PlayiTunes and Spotify, and have developed quite the fan base since then. After catching their video for "Rebirth", begin defending the Earth from the robot invasion today!

                                                               PRINCE CANNON

Apollo winner and H-Town native, Prince Cannon has a way of delivering that soulful R&B sound we've all come to know and love. He's been in the game since 2011 and has

since given his fans numerous singles, collabs, remixes, performances and covers. Between his hit single "Still Shining" and many others, he's racked up nearly 60k views/plays and consistently brings in more!

Check out one of his collabs (above) with another SolidART artist, Stoppa, and his single "2AM" below:


Artist and producer, BCT is one of the best entertainers to come out of Orange, TX and we're sure his 18k+ followers would agree! He raps "all day, every day" and his SoundCloud stays lit because of it. You can frequently expect multiple singles and freestyles from him and he may even top it all off with a dope video like "No Heart Flow"!

BCT is consistent and not slowing down anytime soon. Join the BFAM and be sure to follow him on all social media platforms as well as his SoundCloud!


Straight out of Brisbane, Australia, DJ and producer, NuYuh (pronounced New-You) has some of the best remixes, original releases and live sets! People would typically put his music in the dance/electro genre but he likes to classify it as Tropical/Deep/Future House music. 

NuYuh's original and remixed songs/videos, such as "Crown", "Treat You Better" and "You Should Be Here", have gotten hundreds of thousands of plays/views so be sure give him more by checking them all out!

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