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ASHLEY LEWIS, pr director

There's so much good music out there and new artists that're constantly popping up on the scene, it can be hard to keep up. SolidART believes in supporting artists even before "everyone else" does, so we've made a list of creators on the rise to make that easier for you. You can thank us later, for now, check out these Artists to Watch:

                                                             THE HELLFLOWERS

With a Love of 80’s Punk Rock, New Wave, and 90’s alternative, The Hellflowers were born. Christina Lopez (vocals/guitar), and Matt Eskew (bass) started collaborating in early 2015 which ended up creating a familiar yet uniquely distinctive sound. In 2016, Cat, (lead guitar, vocals) and Mark Powell (Drums) came on board taking The Hellflowers sound even further.

   Their hit song “Come On Let’s Dance!” has racked up almost 17,000 views and was even

featured on the finale of popular Bravo! show Vanderpump Rules earlier this year. You can catch and connect with the foursome at live shows all throughout California and the southwest, opening for national acts and on tour in support of their EP Vacation which was released in May.

Be sure to check out two of their singles from the EP,  "Vacation" and "Nightmare"!

                                                                       FAME O DEE

        Straight out of Houston, upcoming rapper and artist, Fame O Dee, brings raw talent to the rap game. With thousands following him on social media and consistency in dropping heat, Fame O is well on his way to the top. 

His new freestyle "Reminder" and popular song "Pull Up" further solidify his spot as an artist to watch. Be sure to check out both!


          Born Ambrosia Wafer and formerly known as Laydee Savage, artist Laydee, has brought in over 4000,000 views and can be described as a millennial MC Lyte. Hailing from the grimy streets of West Dallas, Laydee delivers a refreshing voice to the Hip-Hop world. Her slick word play and electric persona coupled with her captivating stage

performance gets every crowd rocking.  She tells clever stories of real life and cautionary tales of love and truth and spends her time purposing herself and her music to be a voice for the younger generation, working to add music to her repertoire that is inspiring and motivational to her fans.

Anybody and everybody is rapping about the usual stuff but it takes talent to add the motivational and inspiring songs to your collection. Life is complex so music can't be simple and only about money, cars, and clothes. I want to rap about things that make us open our eyes and be like, "hmmmm". Most female artists don't get the same recognition as their male counterparts. The industry says a female has to look a certain way or sell sex to appeal to the masses and that is something I am going to change." -Laydee

Be on the lookout for the Autobiography of Laydee but in the meantime, peep her spin on MO3's "Hold Yo Tongue" below!


Apart of MNSTR Clique, MANO$ is beginning to make a name for himself. His first video 

was for track "All The Time" and has gotten over 120,000 views since its release last December!

He's followed up with his latest joint "Re$t At" and its safe to say that both his growing fan base and the streets will love it.

Click the pic to peep his IG, vibe to "WYD" and join the MNSTR Clique by checking out their SoundCloud!

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