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noun. People or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture, and society. It may be characterized by nontraditional, aesthetic innovation and initial unacceptability.

The avant-garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo.

idioms: SolidART's Featured Artists

                                                                 NIQLE NUT

Niqle Nut's story is one of overcoming adversity, beating the odds and turning hardship into success. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Niqle was infatuated with the Hip Hop culture from an early age. At the age of eleven, Niqle moved to Inglewood, California and was quickly assimilated into his surroundings by adopting to the gangster lifestyle. After a near brush with death that left him confined to a wheel chair for two years, Niqle re-evaluated his life and found his calling in music.
[Recently, he teamed up] with Keanu Beats to put out a fire Summer project, and their collaborative EP, CiNQO, is finally here.
Overall, CiNQO is an end to end banger led by NIQLE NUT’s flows and ability to paint a picture. Backed by Keanu Beats production, CiNQO is a serious Summer heater, and for fans of in-your-face trap, this project is not to be missed.

Vibe to the EP below and peep his dope visual to "Crip Talk" here!

                                                         COLD CROWS DEAD

Cold Crows Dead released their debut album I Fear A New World in 2013. The project was an extremely collaborative one and backed by SolidART artists, The Xcerts, with whom the twosome (Murray Macleod and Paul Steel) embarked on a UK tour soon after its release.
Recorded at Paul's home studio, I Fear A New World features a myriad of instruments including theremin, mellotron, horns, strings, vintage drum machines, analogue synthesizers and everything in between. Utilising 'found sounds' and unconventional recording techniques, Cold Crows Dead recorded themselves drowning in a bathroom sink, recruited an OAP choir to perform at the end of the track 'Gone', distorted their vocals, “reversed everything that didn't work” and recruited Stephen John Kalinich to exhibit his poetic mastery on "Man In Bleak".

Listen to the album below and click the pic above to visit their site!

                                                                YELLA BEEZY

Dallas Rapper Yella Beezy has been buzzing for some time now and his numbers  skyrocketed after his most recent 16-song mixtape Broke Nights, Rich Days.

Beezy has over 75,000 followers on social media and his video "Trap in Designer" (below) has racked up close to a million views. Needless to say, with collaborations with the likes of Money Man, Yella Beezy has been working his way up the ladder and shows a lot of potential in taking Dallas music to new levels. Check for more of his videos and know where to catch him by clicking here!


When thinking on the word "renaissance", one thinks of the rebirth of something- an era in which a phoenix -like presence arises from the ashes of past stories untold. It is the culmination of perseverance and tenacity folded into the fire of hope that illuminates the eyes of the phoenix.
This said fire is what ignites Stoppa as an artist, songwriter, and producer. In an era where it is socially acceptable to be like everyone else, Stoppa has cultivated a sound that redefines the culture and essence of music. An amalgam of HipHop and EDM, Stoppa sound manages to stay ahead of its time, never abandoning southern influences. 
Recently moving to LA this past summer to cultivate his passion, Stoppa has established a relationship with GTA, an example to the credibility of Stoppa’s work ethic and product. Widely considered the rebirth of Hip Hop, Stoppa has performed at the renowned SXSW (South By South West) Interactive Music Festival, Hustle Palooza and Atlanta’s A3C Festival . He has even managed to carve his brand into Las Vegas. Opening for Dom Kennedy (Get Home Safely Tour, Houston), King Los (God-Money-War Tour, LA) and Curren$y (Canal Street Confidential Tour, LA), Stoppa continues to breathe life into the ashes of Hip Hop- giving fans and listeners a like something tangible to believe in. Absent of all pretense and false ideologies, Stoppa focuses on giving himself and his truth only in his music – a rare find in a materialistic world. 

Keep up with Stoppa as he soars to new heights. Click the pic (above) to stop by his site and follow his journey and music on social media @StoppaOnline.

Also, listen to his latest single "What's The Word" then submit a video for the What's The Word Dance Challenge! Click here for details!

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