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There's so much good music out there and new artists that're constantly popping up on the scene, it can be hard to keep up. SolidART believes in supporting artists even before "everyone else" does, so we've made a list of creators on the rise to make that easier for you. You can thank us later, for now, check out these Artists to Watch:


From the Raider Klan to the frontman of the New Era Gang, N3ll is one of Dade County's finest rappers and has evolved in front of not only Carol City, but the world. By integrating the knowledge he's come to acquire from life experiences and stints in jail, he makes music that derives from so much passion, people have no choice but to feel it.

The rising artist began making major waves and dominating Miami's underground rap scene when he dropped mix tapes like 90s MentalityBoyz n the HoodThe Screw Tape and The Revolution '94.

In efforts to inspire the youth, N3ll recently put out the "While I'm Up" video, which is a single off his highly anticipated project Year of the Youth, that's slated to release this year. Until then, check out the mixtape that started it all and his fire collab with Denzel Curry!

                                                                JOHN ROSE

John Rose, a 21 Year old Dallas based artist with a reputation for creating versatile and alluring sounds is currently leaving his fingerprint on the map of this industry. His music has a smooth and addictive vibe that encompasses Pop and R&B, in which takes his listeners to new levels. This mainstream artist with a rugged fresh look and new aged sex appeal is single handedly on the verge of launching his own empire. The North Texas native began writing his own lyrics spring of 2013 after coming out of the lowest point in his life. In writing he found a way to express himself in hopes of someday sharing his lyrics to help others who struggle as well. Through out this journey not only has he become a self taught lyricist but, he has built the majority of his songs from the bottom to the top with a homegrown entourage known as “SafeWaterSounds.”
All the music is developed and released from John Rose’s personal studio in which he built from square one. While chasing a degree in audio engineering and music business, Rose spends time producing other local artists' music and helping them create their own unique sound just as he has done for himself. With the roots that this young innovator has already established, he is undoubtedly making what others may think impossible possible and creating waves that will never crash.

                                                               RAVEN TRAHAN

Known for doing karaoke covers, Raven's initial interest in music sparked after inheriting her grandfather’s piano. She took lessons until the age of 18 and went on to attend the Fort Worth School of Fine Arts. She trained with some of the best vocal coaches and pianists in Dallas and the rest was history.

Expanding her scope, she recently tried her hand at rapping and released her female rendition of Dandii Sun's "Roses". Catch her onstage at various venues around Dallas and keep an eye out for her new EP coming soon!

                                                                T GALLARDO

With an "Elevaeted State of Mind", T Gallardo "[shares] good vibes and positivity through music while proving real Hip-Hop lives on" along with artist Samsonyte, and LeRoyce, who is also the producer of the trio that is Elevaeted.

Though apart of a group, T Gallardo maintains his individuality by bringing his own style  and killing tracks like "Sista Sista" (right), "What's The Move?" and "The Comeback", regardless if it's his own or he's featured on it! 

Make sure to witness it for yourself by catching them live or vibing to one of his earlier tracks like "Nocturnal Goons" posted below!

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