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SolidART members have access to loads of features!


SolidART is a music artist ecosystem, connecting musicians, creators, and music supporters to a universal app built just for them. SolidART acts as open record label to musicians and a work platform for creators. SolidART also created an extreme user experience for supporters. SolidART is NOT a record label, we're a tech company that created a self-serve platform for the entertainment industry to use our system 100% without needing publishers, managers, or a record deal to make you who you already are.

The Elite are granted exclusive SolidART access which includes:

  • 100% Royalities
  • Local and National Recording Studio Access
  • Media Outlet Access - Live Stream & Online Radio
  • Digital and Physical Music Distribution
  • Geo-Location Networking with access to our Music Industry Advisory Board


  • SolidART LIVE - 24/7 Video Live Stream
  • SolidArt TALK - Interviews (Live Stream & Blog) and Podcasts
  • SolidART MOVIES - Movies, Short Films and Skits
  • SolidART RADIO - SolidART TOP 30
  • Virtual Reality Performances
  • Live Tours
  • Local and National Work Platform - Artists, Photographers, Videographers, Audio Engineers & more
  • Prestigious Studios - Recording, Visual and Rehearsal
  • Access to Managers, A&R's, Producers & more
  • Managerial Consultations
  • Artist Development Team Members - Choreographers - Wardrobe & Hair Stylists - Makeup Artists - Vocalists & more!

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