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Artists to Watch - (Check SolidART CREATORS and SolidART LIVE via the app)

ashley lewis, pr director

There's so much good music out there and new artists that're constantly popping up on the scene, it can be hard to keep up. SolidART believes in supporting artists even before "everyone else" does, so we've made a list of creators on the rise to make that easier for you. You can thank us later, for now, check out these Artists to Watch:

                                                                       G ELENIL

Up-and-coming Australian songwriter, producer, and performer, G Elenil, knows how to keep it "All G".

G Elenil is quickly becoming one of the most exciting hip-hop artists to emerge from the melting pot that is Brisbane. Playing a few key shows around the city recently, there’s only one way she’s headed these days – and it’s straight to the top!

Click the pic to follow her on IG and be sure to check out the rapper/singer's dopest tracks like "God Enough", "Cut That Boi Off" (below) and "(Where) My Money"!

                                                                   YUNG POODA

Born in Beaumont, TX and raised in the small city of Orange, the "33degree Trapper" Yung Pooda, now resides in H-Town and is currently flooding the web and city streets with some of the hottest music out right now!

Pooda's coming with the heat having released his mixtape Where is Yung?, worked along side artists such as Famous Dex and Paul Wall, and dropped tracks/videos like "I Got The Skrt" (above) and "Get Some Money".  His single with Paul Wall "Beat Up the Block" drops Aug 1 but is available for pre-order so be sure to cop it ASAP!

He regularly makes appearances and performances at the hottest events so after checking here to keep up to date on his whereabouts, click the pic (right) to join his almost 15,000 Twitter followers then scroll and press play!

                                                               LASS $ILLA

Born as Elhadji Sylla and a Jamaica Queens, NY native, Lass $illa (also known as Lass Shellz) discovered his rapping talent at the young age of eleven, took it into full effect at 16, and has kept the music coming ever since then.

While living in the area of Allentown, PA, he linked with artist Lyndell Rose, who's also known as CityBoiStreetz, and they created the PIFFBOYZ (Perfection Is Far From Being Out Your Zone). PIFFBOYZ created a huge buzz for them both and now at 21 years of age, Lass $illa plans to take Allentown by storm with his PIFFBOYZ team on his back.

Follow the new and upcoming artist while he makes his mark on the game, catch one of his performances and check out his "Mask Off Remix"!

                                                                      ALSACE CARCIONE

Alsace Carcione is a female songwriter, performer, emcee and musician born and raised in Portsmouth, VA.  Currently residing in Dallas, TX she has singlehandedly demanded her spot as a prominent and elite artist.  She exudes confidence and her music is multifaceted in so many ways.  Alsace Carcione is the eptiome of a Cryptic Conundrum on the journey to create another Embryonic Paradigm.
Not overtly sexual, but on cuts such as “Get To Know Ya” and “Superficial Lovers” you get to hear the maturity of a woman who clearly knows what she wants, even if at times she succumbs to temptation. While on tracks, “Time Travel” and “Jelly” her genius is evident when placing pen to paper, and making the simplest statement monumental. All while maintaining the ferociousness and venomous flow that early fans have loved since the chastity belt was broken on their ears. 

Keep scrolling to hear her single "Get Paid" and be sure to click the pic to check out Alsace's dope site which features her latest album, social media accounts, YouTube videos and SoundCloud!

                                                     LO TRILLINGER (LAMBO LO)

There's only one word that describes him, his lifestyle, his hustle, his music and his  delivery -- "TRILLENTLESS", so get familiar with the term!

Lo Trillinger is a PA born, Fruit City raised and 409 made recording artist, writer and tattoo artist. He's big on collabs, having teamed up with SolidART artist Sinew Ace's media/film company Infilmtrait to shoot his Mask Off Freestyle (above), for example. Outside of collaborations, Lo has made quite a few street bangers such as "Kant Even Lie", which now has well over 100,000 plays, his most recent single "Notta Real Song 2" (below) and "Pimpin The Game" as well.

Be on the lookout for his upcoming project Trillentless Reloaded and stop by his shop in Houston, TX whenever you're up to getting tatted by one of the best!

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